Bloggers of Latina people in their teens

As a socioeconomic team, intelligent Latina women are disproportionately at hazard for Hiv and other serious diseases. They are among the adult populations in the us that are growing the fastest. In order to create interventions and promote society conditions that support health, prevent disease and disability, and permit planning for the future, it is crucial to comprehend how they define powerful aging given their diverse experiences.

Kimberly Guerra securities comments and motivational speeches on her empowering social media platform, Brown Badass Bonita, in an effort to show Latina women that they are all lovely, strong, and worthy at once. Finally, by selling t-shirts and additional handmade goods with the same text, she gives them the means to live those terms.

Another example hot ecuadorian women of a female influence who is dispelling online prejudices is Dominican-american stand-up comic Sasha Merci. She started posting her quick, humorous videos on instagram when she was a dancer and quickly rose to fame, amassing over 1.4 million adherents and calculating.

Viva Fifty, a fluent group celebrating life after 50, is run by blogger, artist, and yoga instructor Lorraine C. Ladish. She also has a Youtube channel where she posts about her walks, yoga poses, and fashionable clothing. She is one of many over-50 influencers demonstrating to the globe that being intelligent and still fabulous is acceptable.

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